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Criminal Defense Trial Attorney
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Austin DWI Arrest

When you have been arrested for a criminal offense such as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) you need an attorney with extensive expertise.

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Misdemeanors are various crimes that do not rise to the level of a felony. Even though misdemeanors carry less jail time than felonies, they can still be serious charges.

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Felony Crimes

charged with domestic violence, family violence,  child abuse charges, assault and battery...

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Robbery / Assault

legal trial experience for those charged with burglary or robbery charges, petty theft, car theft, shoplifting, receipt of stolen property or trafficking of stolen property.

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Felony Charge / Felony Arrest Charges

"Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization"

David Frank of Austin, Texas is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization - he provides experienced legal representation for a felony charge in the areas of theft, including burglary and robbery, including assault, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, drug offenses to include possession charges and trafficking of drugs as well as other felony arrest charges.

Experienced, Aggressive Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer
When Your Personal Freedom Is at Stake - Know Your Texas Rights!!

Felony Charges / Alleged Felony Arrest Charges
Austin Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

David Frank provides legal services to people charged with criminal offenses in State and Federal Courts in the State of Texas. Extremely serious felony charges include murder, aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated robbery. Life in prison is a possible punishment for all of these state felony crimes. Other felonies, such as burglary of a habitation, are first degree felonies in Texas and the range of punishment includes life in prison. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for theft charges, felony charges of conspiracy, credit card or any other felony arrest charges, you need to take the matter very seriously.

At law office of David Frank, Mr. Frank listens to his clients. Many times, they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Other times he can protect their rights through motions to dismiss or motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence. He challenges cases on procedural errors and lack of probable cause as well.

A felony charge is a life changing event and threatens your freedom. Arrest for a felony of any kind is a serious matter and calls for aggressive negotiation and trial strategies of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Convictions in felony criminal cases can result in the loss of many of the rights you now enjoy, as well as the loss of freedom.

Many people who are arrested for a felony wait too long to hire a criminal defense attorney. They are unaware that a criminal defense attorney can, under some circumstances in some criminal cases, take steps that may lead to a client never being charged with a felony or arrested for a felony. The time to consult with a criminal defense attorney is the instant you know you are under investigation for a felony. If you wait until you have been arrested for a felony, one important window of opportunity to improve your situation has been closed.

Some people are arrested during the alleged commission of a felony and cannot know to hire a lawyer before their felony arrest. In these cases, time is still of the utmost importance. Even if you have been arrested, you have not been formally charged with a crime until your case is heard by the grand jury and it returns an indictment charging you with a felony. This is another important window of opportunity for an experienced criminal trial lawyer to negotiate with law enforcement, district attorney and appeal to the grand jury before they decide whether or not to charge you in a criminal case.

When you are under arrest for a felony, you are placed in jail, and you and your family will need an attorney to work on your behalf to secure your release. Although not always possible, in most criminal cases, the amount of bond you are required to pay for your release can be reduced by your criminal defense attorney by personally talking with or appearing before a judge. He will work with the bonding company to secure your release as quickly as possible.

If you have been indicted by a grand jury, you have been formally charged with a felony and it is imperative that you consult with a criminal trial lawyer immediately if youíve not already done so. If you havenít yet been arrested, felony arrest is imminent. At this stage, your lawyer may be able to make arrangements to avoid the felony arrest by going through the processes of booking in and posting bail at an arranged time. It is extremely important that a defendant in a criminal defense case be out of jail while awaiting trial so that he can assist the defense lawyer in preparing his case for trial. Prosecutors are less inclined to make good plea bargains for incarcerated defendants, and in Travis County, it can take a year or longer to finally get to trial.

The final stage before a felony case goes to trial is one of intense negotiations between your lawyer and the district attorney or federal prosecutor in charge of your criminal case.

Mr. Frank has years of experience in working with prosecutors and is a skilled and aggressive negotiator. The importance of plea negotiations cannot be overstated, because arriving at a successful plea bargain, if possible, will avoid a trial. Sometimes, this is the best alternative.

Throughout the entire process of your criminal defense case, Attorney David Frank will stand up for you and protect your rights under Texas law. To get more information and to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with an experienced trial lawyer regarding felony drug charges, or other criminal charge, please contact the law office of David Frank today.


Austin / Central Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

                              "Board Certified - Criminal Law Texas Board of Legal Specialization"
                                       NHTSA Certified Standard Field Sobriety Test Practitioner

David Frank - Attorney At Law


David Frank Criminal DWI Criminal Defense Trial Attorney in Austin, Texas handling Drunk Driving (DWI) and Driving Under The Influence (DUI) in the state of Texas. Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County and Bastrop County. Austin, Georgetown, Manor, Round Rock, Cedar Park, San Marcos, Bastrop, Central Texas areas.

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